About HASAN.VC Angel Investors

HASAN.VC goes beyond being a traditional Angel Investment network. Our commitment extends to the community, where we cultivate meaningful connections through a range of interactive sessions. These sessions are designed to foster a true spirit of unity, aligning everyone towards a shared goal, which is to #CirculateGood through impact investing. Get involved, stay connected, and be a part of our thriving community dedicated to making a positive impact in the world of halal investments.

Benefits of Joining Our Angel Network

  • Mentorship access

    1 hour chat session with industry leaders

  • Masterclasses

    On islamic finance, angel investment and venture capital

  • Voting rights on accelerator deals

    Experience the power of community influence as a HASAN.VC Angel Investors, your voice can shape the direction of our collective investment decisions.

  • Exclusive access to

    • Member only deals at special rates and discounts
    • Overseas business missions
    • HASAN.VC Accelerator founders

  • Member only gatherings

    An exclusive event for members of our angel investment group to network and connect, with a highlight of a curated selection of promising innovative startup deals.

Platform Introduction (For Investors)

Platform Introduction (For Founders)

FAQ for Angel Investors

To join the HASAN.VC Angel Investors, simply visit https://hasan.vc/angels/
1. Access to exclusive member-only deals at special rates and discounts. 2. Participation in overseas business missions. 3. Voting rights on accelerator deals. 4. Exclusive access to member-only gatherings. 5. One-hour mentorship chat sessions with industry leaders. 6. Exclusive access to HASAN accelerator founders. 7. Masterclasses on Islamic finance, angel investment, and venture capital.
HASAN Community offers monthly physical meet-ups and webinars with industry leaders.
Yes, HASAN offers monthly physical Gatherings mostly in Malaysia and Singapore.
Absolutely, any community member can attend events.
Physical gatherings and meet-ups are partially sponsored by HASAN.VC. Members are required to cover any additional expenses they may incur during the events.
Typically, events happen once a month. However, the frequency may be higher based on circumstances.
Physical events primarily take place in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Exact locations will be communicated via email before the event. We are also planning to expand events to other locations in the near future.
Certainly. We highly recommend your participation in our online webinars. The HASAN community conducts monthly webinars, including insightful series such as the Muslim Money Series and networking sessions.
Upon becoming a member of HASAN, you will receive email notifications for all our exclusive events. Additionally, comprehensive community updates are included in our monthly newsletter and blog posts.
Do not fret. In the email invitation, venue directions will be provided. Furthermore, should you encounter difficulties, we will connect you with the Point of Contact (PIC) for the event. Disclaimer: The PIC for the event is subject to change for different events.
Yes, we encourage you to bring one or two contacts to the event who share an interest in learning more about the community and HASAN.
Indeed, each event has a maximum capacity of 20 seats, allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.